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Episode 005
Sultanes del Yonke
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Live! at MFHQ was created so that we can hear even more from our favorite emerging artists beyond the music. The idea obviously grew beyond that, but we didn’t forget the core idea. With our seventh season of Midnight underway, it was time to sit down with one of our guest artists from our flagship series. For this fifth episode of our podcast, we sat with SULTANES DEL YONKE, who for the last couple of years, have been building their unique flavor known as “El Ultrasonido Fronterizo”. Or… the ultrasound of the border. Their charismatic personalities blend together perfectly and we are taken through stories, jokes, and lessons that they’ve experienced through their time as a group. Listen, as we discuss how they overcome any creative differences as a group, their thoughts on the music scene in El Paso, and how we can all help improve the status quo of being a performer in El Paso. Still fresh off the release of their Midnight Sessions episode, we welcome to the HQ, SULTANES DEL YONKE.

(0:00) Introductions
(3:20) Sultan Beginnings
(18:29) YONKE BOOGIE: Stories from Sultanes Shows
(30:04) One Weekend at Sonic Ranch
(37:19) Battle of the Bands
(40:57) The Yonke Guide to Friendship & Spiritual Cohesion
(52:47) Smokey & Savory: Sabroseando Announcement
(59:22) Yonke Footwear
(1:04:28) Recording Process
(1:10:15) UTEP's Battle of the Bands
(1:14:38) Songwriting Process
(1:20:14) Splitting Up the Work
(1:27:20) You Gotta Flop Before You Can Fly

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