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Episode 014
Adam Zarowski
Director / Artistic Director, Teatro Neplanta
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This week, we step into a profession that we haven’t discussed just yet on the program: Theater. Although we are mostly unfamiliar, our guest is a seasoned vet of the game. He’s experienced several opportunities outside of El Paso that have shown him how theater operates in the big cities. But where his impact is greatest, is his contribution to El Paso’s theater. Our guest created The El Paso 24-Hour Play Festival which challenges the creativity and resourcefulness of a director and theater production team. He has also founded Teatro Neplanta, which he refers to as El Paso’s newest professional theater. I’ve only been able to spend time with our guest on two occasions: when I met him at his play, and this episode. Each time, I feel invited and welcomed to learn all about the ins and outs of theater. His knowledge and confidence of the profession bleed onto you and make you feel more understanding of the power behind theater. One of the strongest things our guest reflects on during the episode is his mission to challenge his audience to think and feel in ways that they are unsure about. To put your audience in the driver seat, and to let them decide their emotions, is to provide someone with power and belonging. Not many people are aware when they have that ability. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we welcome… ADAM ZAROWSKI.


1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:36 - Introductions
3. 3:36 - Catching Up
4. 13:53 - Appreciating El Paso
5. 18:18 - Remaining Grounded
6. 28:42 - Directing People to Think and Feel
7. 39:51 - Translating Someone Else’s Writing
8. 46:20 - The El Paso 24-Hour
9. 54:40 - Learning How to Lock On
10. 1:01:38 - The Age of Imperfections
11. 1:08:29 - Theater Realizations
12. 1:15:22 - The Pros and Cons
13. 1:22:22 - The Value of Trust
14. 1:31:04 - What’s Coming Up in Theater
15. 1:37:43 - Closing Words

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