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Episode 013
Gabe Esparza
Recording Engineer, Mixer, and Producer
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This week, we brought over someone who I had heard plenty about before getting the chance to meet him for the first time. The big crown jewel was even on his bio: Two-Time Latin Grammy Nominated. It's easy to be starstruck by achievements like that here in El Paso, but upon meeting our guest... I was beginning to think... well yeah obviously. Work ethic, quality, and character are all three important components of someone's likelihood to succeed. Now, I won't say our guest has nowhere to improve cause he probably wouldn’t even allow it, but it's hard to pinpoint where exactly his weak point is out of those three. He's become an eternal student of the game, allowing him to set ego aside when creating with the vast world of musicians. He has simultaneously worked with who he considers the Jordans of his profession, allowing him to learn under the best. He has been surrounded by endless family, peers, and teachers who have given him the opportunity to be challenged and inspired into being the most human he can be. And to think he almost joined the Navy instead... (no knock to the Navy btw) Destiny has a funny way of finding you. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome to the HQ.. GABE ESPARZA.

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:59 - Introductions
3. 4:56 - From Crossroads to Career
4. 7:40 - Committing to Your Craft Early in Adulthood
5. 13:37 - Finding Internship at Sonic Ranch
6. 21:30 - Seizing Opportunity in the Studio as an Intern
7. 24:56 - Expanding Your Education Beyond Your Trade
8. 29:18 - Advertising Yourself as an Engineer
9. 34:29 - The Ideal Workflow of an Audio Engineer...
10. 36:54 - Avoiding Burnout as a Busy Freelancer
11. 40:39 - Respecting Your Own Free Time
12. 48:19 - Analog Recording for Dummies
13. 53:11 - How Ego Can Determine Your Career's Success
14. 56:57 - Caring for Someone Else's Vision
15. 1:01:58 - Remaining Inspired as a Seasoned Artist
16. 1:10:07 - Geeking Out on Movie Scores
17. 1:13:17 - Two-Time Latin Grammy Nominated
18. 1:19:20 - Future Goals as an Audio Engineer
19. 1:22:29 - Becoming Confident with Pricing Your Work
20. 1:32:04 - Today's Nature of Being a Musician
21. 1:41:51 - Licensing Your Songwriting and Music
22. 1:49:20 - Navigating the Social Pressures of Being an Artist
23. 1:55:50 - Destiny & Answering Life's Calling
24. 2:01:10 - Closing Words

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