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Episode 012
Jeremy Escobar
DJ, Midnight at the Laundromat
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This week, we were honored by the the grace of a good friend. Someone who has taken obstacles and turned them into opportunity. A man of the people. Our guest has dedicated his time to loving the art of Hip-Hop, consistently improving on his presentation of the genre. Through his DJ sets, he demonstrates what it means to communicate with an audience beyond words. And the communication is impeccable. Above all else, he does so while battling with an illness that the world is still trying to understand. His willingness to stay committed to his craft despite his hurdles is an inspiration to creatives of all mediums. It's not easy to turn a struggle into power, but he has used this as a chance to connect with the world on a more purposeful level. We appreciate that. Silver lining is a long term process, and seeing our guest progress through this journey is absolutely a sight to see. We are excited to continue witnessing the story unfold. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, we welcome: JEREMY ESCOBAR, also known as, MIDNIGHT AT THE LAUNDROMAT.

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:44 - Introductions
3. 5:07 - Midnight at the Laundromat Begins
4. 9:38 - Showing Love to Old Sheepdog
5. 11:10 - Finding Flow State as a DJ
6. 15:42 - Unlocking the Power of Meditation
7. 20:00 - Multiple Sclerosis, Explained
8. 26:25 - Adapting to Life with MS
9. 31:46 - Sharing Good Music with Good People
10. 33:40 - Turning Your Weakness into a Strength
11. 39:40 - The MS Community
12. 43:00 - Hip Hop from a Different Era
13. 47:36 - Finding New Music in Today's Age
14. 50:20 - Are Albums Dead?
15. 1:00:43 - STEAZY NIGHTS: March 22nd
16. 1:06:00 - Hip Hop's Place Within El Paso's Electronic Scene
17. 1:10:45 - Finding Comfort Behind the DJ Table
18. 1:13:01 - More Love to Old Sheepdog Brewery
19. 1:16:30 - Communicating Your DJ Style to Venues
20. 1:23:05 - Defining Your Mission Within Your Craft

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