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Episode 006
Run For It
Thomas & Freddy
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Inspiration can become your friend, and a friend can become inspiration. In the case of my relationship with this next guest, it is both. RUN FOR IT, our sixth guest of the pod, came thru to the HQ so we can finally sit down with the homies and explore the makings of their Social Run Club that's based in the 9-1-5. As is the case for almost all of our guests, their mission and project(s) stem from a core love of what it is that they do. RUN FOR IT is no different. Thomas & Freddy, RUN FOR IT's founders, live what they preach and serve as motivation for us all to get up and run after OUR "it". We dive into what gets them to run, AND what keeps them running, the culture of El Paso running, conspiracies, and so much more. We keep saying THIS ONE'S A BANGER... and that remains the same. Another Wednesday, another banger.... LEGENDS ONLY.

0:00 - Introductions
2:34 - Finding Your “It”
8:00 - Overcoming the Social Hurdle of 2020
13:23 - The Yin and Yang of Run For It
19:19 - Hoop Dreams
25:45 - The Run For It Brand and Message
30:00 - Getting Out of the Dark
33:03 - Race Day Prep & Recovery
45:26 - El Paso Club Culture
52:58 - Viejo Coffee x Run For It
55:12 - Keeping the Club All Inclusive
59:54 - Keeping Running Interesting
1:10:42 - Finding Middle Ground
1:16:40 - Another Wild Florida Story
1:23:56 - NASA: Never A Straight Answer
1:31:50 - In Defense of Neil DeGrasse Tyson
1:41:41 - The Experience of Being in Law Enforcement
1:49:19 - Connecting Crisis Intervention with Run For It
1:52:50 - Managing Your Personal Brand
1:57:28 - The Idea Behind Documenting Your Personal Life
2:11:52 - Future Running Plans
2:24:08 - Evan Gets Sponsored
2:25:36 - Running Shoes
2:28:56 - The Perfect Running Playlist
2:37:15 - An Invitation to Run with the Club
2:41:14 - Ins and Outs: 2024
2:45:22 - Final Announcements

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