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Episode 009
AB Gonzalez
Producer/Photographer -- LFDC Studios
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This time around, Episode 009, we brought in an absolute EP LEGEND in the media production game. This one resonates big time, as Emmeff Pearl is also an organization centered around music, film, and photography. However, getting to listen in from one of the head producers out of the powerhouse LFDC Studios was an opportunity to learn all about the world that we ourselves are steadily getting deeper within. The vast spectrum of projects that he has produced and created content for are a testament to the time he has taken to sharpening his sword and strengthening his technical ability behind the camera. All stemming from a simple little curiosity (all thanks to Mid-2010's sneaker culture), his career has blossomed into an endless stream of creativity and possibility, and has become a blueprint for what a Sun City Content Creator can become. From block parties in the 915 to grand openings in Vegas to national campaigns all back to dope indie projects with the homies. All around, taking over the world... LIVE FROM DA CORNER.. LIVE AT THE HQ.... we welcome AB GONZALEZ.

1. 0:00 - Introductions
2. 2:29 - Picking Up the Lens for the First Time
3. 11:38 - How Photography Becomes a Career
4. 17:46 - Gear Talk I: Camera Nostalgia
5. 22:44 - Gear Talk II: Renting Gear
6. 27:06 - Gear Talk III: Keeping All the Gear Organized
7. 35:00 - Live From Da Corner
8. 38:42 - Picking Up the Business Behind Photography
9. 44:22 - Maturing as an Entrepreneur
10. 55:03 - Balancing All the Traveling for Gigs
11. 1:05:50 - Playing Your Part within a Production Team
12. 1:14:40 - Going Solo vs Media Production Team
13. 1:21:17 - Maneuvering Through a Large Production
14. 1:25:50 - Similarities Between LFDC and Bigger Media Teams
15. 1:30:14 - An Interlude on When Tech Breaks During a Job
16. 1:33:00 - Keeping Up with the Growth of Your Company
17. 1:37:50 - The Lower Valley of El Paso
18. 1:46:39 - Continuing into Fitness and Wellness
19. 1:55:45 - How Intense Can LFDC’s Workflow Get
20. 2:00:46 - Insuring Your Business and Equipment
21. 2:05:32 - The El Paso Photography Marketplace
22. 2:11:44 - Where Can El Paso Photography Improve?
23. 2:17:50 - Getting the Exact IG Handle You Want

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