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Episode 011
Mauricio Pastor
Tattoo Artist, After Ten Tattoo
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I discovered his work through another one of our guests, which demonstrates the good side to social media. Had it not been with our other guest, it would have only been a short matter of time before I discovered his artwork elsewhere. A black and gray specialist, he is a tattoo artist who discovered his craft through curiosity, trial, and error. Learning under the likes of Eric Ward, he quickly developed his skill with the needle, and found himself in the wonderful San Diego, California. Not wasting any time, he has been steadily growing out there over the last half decade, having had to rebuild his clientele from the ground up upon arriving. A challenge for him, however, is an opportunity for achievement, and along with growing his business away from his hometown, he has had the opportunity to refine his habits and lifestyle to better suit him for success as a human. It was a pleasure to hear more about him, as our first encounter was primarily occupied by 4 hours of intense tattooing. Throughout the course of our conversation, I realized and couldn't ignore that I believe him to be not only a positive representation of a tattoo artist, but a creative professional as a whole. An absolute honor to have him at the HQ. Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome: MAURICIO PASTOR.

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:17 - Introductions
3. 5:13 - Discovering Your Craft through Other Mediums
4. 11:21 - Translating a Drawing into a Tattoo
5. 18:55 - Athletic Banter with Maui P
6. 22:09 - Balancing Other Interests with Tattooing
7. 26:03 - Discussing the Different Styles of Tattooing
8. 31:26 - Maui's Tattooing Etiquette & Presentation
9. 34:26 - The Philosophy Behind Mastering Your Practice
10. 43:45 - The Nature of Discipline that Surrounds an Artist
11. 1:03:00 - The Evolution of Pricing as an Artist
12. 1:11:10 - Learning How to Brand and Market Your Artwork
13. 1:14:55 - Moving Cities & Starting From Scratch
14. 1:24:47 - Delegating Responsibilities Onto Others
15. 1:30:02 - El Paso vs San Diego Tattoo Culture

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