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Episode 016
Iris Lopez
Founder / Mija, Yes You Can
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Today, we release our SIXTEENTH episode of MFHQ. A special one, as it is the premiere of Volume II. We took a little break, but now we're back to bring more GOOD conversation. Our guest today is an absolute legend in the city of El Paso. With a career in broadcasting of over ten years, we're pretty sure you've seen or heard her on your tv and radio at some point in time. Throughout this career, she's explored different roles, became closer to her city, and was also introduced to glaring differences between the treatment of men and women in the industry. With her experiences, there became a drive to address and change these gender differences. What first started as a risk has now grown into a community-driven organization towards women empowerment. She founded Mija, Yes You Can in 2020 and has made it her mission to educate and remind women of all colors and all backgrounds that an equal world is possible. Her efforts through her nonprofit and her time on air have made her a recognizable face and important leader of our community. The organization is highly active, so there are plenty of chances to see and support the mission, but you can even catch her hosting the morning show over on 93.1KISSFM. You know what it is over here at the HQ, it ain't no different ever. Legends only in the building! Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we welcome: IRIS LOPEZ

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:17 - Introductions
3. 2:54 - Unknowingly Planning For Your Death
4. 7:59 - Understanding Iris' Current Workflow
5. 10:07 - An Introduction to Mija, Yes You Can
6. 14:03 - Becoming a Non-Profit Organization
7. 20:37 - Mija Meets World: Planning for the Future
8. 24:40 - The Process of Fundraising for a Non-Profit
9. 32:27 - Iris Lopez ON AIR
10. 37:50 - An Introlude on LEARNING
11. 39:19 - Learning to Build a Brand
12. 42:04 - TV vs RADIO: Your Voice in Media
13. 46:25 - Building the Morning Show Team for 93.1 KISSFM
14. 49:06 - Long Term Visions for Media
15. 51:24 - Radio's Value in Today's Digital World
16. 57:06 - Balancing Personal and Professional Opinion
17. 1:02:22 - The Intangible Skills to Learn as a Leader
18. 1:05:50 - Technical Talk: Organizing Your Apps and Files
19. 1:11:12 - What Would You Delegate First If You Could?
20. 1:15:04 - News on Mija's Upcoming Project
21. 1:18:26 - Closing Words

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