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Episode 015
Krystall Poppin
Musician / Songwriter
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The fifteenth Wednesday of 2024. A special one. Live! At MFHQ. Our guest this week has been a leader of El Paso’s music scene for close to ten years now. Paving the lane for artists to do the work necessary in order to make a living from your art. From the beginning, she’s put in the time, from moving through the streets of Vegas passing out her music all the way to becoming an official SXSW artist. The lessons learned along the way have shaped her knowledge of the game, and she moves with confidence and awareness of where she’s headed next. With that much time spent on your craft, you can’t help but evolve and adapt to the surroundings of your industry, and she has had a style that’s constantly developed alongside her growth as a person. She bleeds El Paso, born and raised from Central, and she makes it a point for the world to know where she comes from. Her career is a blueprint for El Paso artists, and her success proves that the music birthed from the frontera is built for the world’s stages. We’re excited to sit down and learn more all about it, so without further ado… Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome: KRYSTALL POPPIN

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:34 - Introductions
3. 3:42 - Poppin Takes Over SXSW
4. 7:33 - Building Your Team From the Beginning
5. 10:59 - The Nature of Management and Labels
6. 21:46 - Using Other Mediums to Develop Your Music
7. 25:14 - The Shifts in Songwriting Over Time
8. 32:42 - Using Other Genres to Evolve Your Roots
9. 35:46 - How a Band Evolves a Hip-Hop Artist
10. 40:26 - Staying Grounded Amongst Big Plans
11. 43:59 - Recognizing and Building the Magic of El Paso
12. 50:40 - Experience with Music Outside of Your Hometown
13. 55:05 - Misconceptions About Krystall Poppin
14. 58:56 - How Does Krystall Poppin Go About Writing Music
15. 1:02:12 - Making the Decision to Evolve Your Management
16. 1:07:26 - POPPIN OG: Building the Brand Beyond Music
17. 1:12:39 - An Interlude on What's Ahead for Krystall Poppin
18: 1:14:58 - Working with Musicians You Are a Fan Of
19. 1:18:09 - The First Step in Building a Successful Music Career
20. 1:22:34 - Closing Words

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