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Episode 018
Benny Coco
Musician / Songwriter, Coco Butter
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Wednesday number Twenty-Six of the year. The halfway mark of 2024. More GOOD conversation for your head top this next half of the calendar! Today, we got our dawg rolling thru to share the updates on what lies ahead for him in this new chapter of life. Opportunities have risen in the ATX, and he ventures out there to regroup with the other half of the psychedelic duo. Having seen two examples of music communities, we were able to see how a music show in El Paso stacks up against one in Austin. Aside from how the two cities compare, we also dive into the duality of moving towards something while simultaneously leaving away from something else. Leaving your hometown not only allows you to venture off into new aspects of life, but it gives you the chance to shed off some metaphorical dead weight. Our guest, our boy, has been seizing this with full force.  It's inspiring to see a friend of yours reach an achievement that truly takes a lot of personal discipline. In order to have reached this point, plenty of changes had to have been made in the lifestyle, and it was an honor to hear all about it. There's a lot to learn from the friends around you, there's a lot to learn in everyday life, and this conversation allowed us to do just that. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, we welcome to the HQ... BENNY COCO.

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:50 - Introductions
3. 4:33 - Catching Up with Coco Butter
4. 10:06 - Creating Music with Someone Not in the Room
5. 13:00 - Live Shows: El Paso vs Austin
6. 18:47 - First Steps for New Era in Austin
7. 24:34 - The Natural Transition into ATX
8. 30:00 - Exploring Other Cities to Create In
9. 34:07 - New Chapters, New Lifestyles
10. 40:01 - Removing the FOMO in Life
11. 43:39 - Tapping into New Forms of Creativity
12. 48:12 - Music 101 with Benny Coco
13. 57:14 - Butterfly Effect & Destiny
14. 1:06:53 - An Interlude on Karaoke
15. 1:09:54 - Benny's Farewell Tour
16. 1:11:46 - Staying Inspired by Those Around Us
17. 1:15:56 - Balancing Ego, Identity & Misconceptions
18. 1:22:44 - Avoiding Stagnation in Music
19. 1:28:01 - Closing Words
20. 1:31:06 - Outroductions

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