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Episode 010
Jordan Taylor
Singer/Songwriter, Musician
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This week, we were fortunate enough to sit with another one of our guests from our flagship program, Midnight Sessions. She found her love for music early on, learning much during her youth through the form of it, and steadily developed her voice to be the impact that it is today. Oddly enough, she is simultaneously bouncing back from a brief hiatus that put her songwriting on pause. Through reflection and other creative writing, she has been able to traverse through this time and find herself on the other end a more prepared and refined artist. We learned how you can still develop your artistic career without being in the thick of it and how a setback is only a setback if you let it become one. Otherwise, it’s a small launching pad for you to leap off of into bigger worlds. This absolutely rings true in this case. As we are witnessing a rebirth that is set to catapult her into the next realm of musicianship. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you.. JORDAN TAYLOR.

1. 0:00 - Housekeeping
2. 1:07 - Introductions
3. 3:11 - Finding Your Voice
4. 8:20 - Disney Princess Dreams
5. 14:08 - Traveling thru Time: Jordan's Music, Explained
6. 17:15 - Translating Poetry into Music
7. 23:19 - Finding Your Way Back Into Your Craft
8. 29:20 - Arranging a Band for the First Time
9. 38:36 - Keeping Momentum Going
10. 42:45 - Shaping Your Lifestyle Around Your Journey
11. 49:20 - Analog vs Digital Songwriting
12. 53:48 - Choosing What to Compromise When Growing
13. 1:00:13 - Balancing Along the Rabbit Hole of the Internet
14. 1:08:57 - Overcoming the Difficulty of Finding Gigs

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