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Episode 007
Jovy Castillo
Personal Trainer & Online Coach
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Oh would you look at that.... it's WEDNESDAY, gang. That means we're sitting down with, you guessed it, ANOTHER LEGEND. This time around, we had a very special friend of ours come through to the studio to discuss her journey thus far, Jovy Castillo! Through the last 10 years, and even further back, depending on how you like to look at it, Jovy has carved her lane from scratch within the health and wellness space of El Paso, Texas. Finding her love for fitness early on, she quickly received opportunities to help others on their road to a healthier life. Of course, over that span, we all would face challenges, successes and everything in between, and Jovy is no different. However, through those peaks and valleys of her career, she has found herself receiving her Bachelor's in Kinesiology and Performance Psychology, launching her very own fitness apparel line, and even providing the Sun City with free bootcamps to kickstart your fitness all across town. By no means was it easy, and Jovy is quick to be honest about it. We can't appreciate her enough for coming through and sharing insight within her career and passion of health and wellness. Sit back, or get to stretching, and take this new episode of Live! at MFHQ in.

0:00 - Introductions
4:04 - Finding the Love for Fitness and Training
10:48 - The Evolution of Jovy's Coaching Style
14:44 - Making a Workout Program
18:30 - One Degree Hotter!
29:30 - How to NOT Diet...
40:03 - Elev8
47:21 - Gym Myth Busters
54:05 - Peach Builders & The Endless Pursuit of Dreams

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