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Episode 008
A. Billi Free
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You see Wednesday on your calendar, and you know what the drill is.. another episode of LIVE! at MFHQ! — This time around, we invited over a good friend of ours whom we met way way back through one of our earliest seasons of Midnight! The LEGEND herself, A. BILLI FREE. Representing the Southwest by way of the Midwest, Billi has discovered and built a unique sound that blends her earliest influences of young adulthood in Chicago with her ever growing endeavors of the border as a veteran within the music space. Naturally, her journey through music has evolved. Supernaturally, her mission within music has superseded it’s foundation and has become driven by community as she has been able to use her experience to help universally exchange hip-hop and culture across the world through her recent years. A career such as this doesn’t happen overnight, so we’ve always been curious to know just how she manages to accomplish so much in what seems like no time at all! Luckily, A. Billi was kind enough to sit and share with us some of the first things she learned as a musician, how she manages to continue to expand her entire portfolio while remaining in control of her work, and what it takes to be so connected with the world as a musician in today’s day and age. It was an honor to be able to have this convo, and we’re even more grateful to have the opportunity to share it with you all. Sit back, enjoy some fresh water, maybe some tea… and listen to some GOOD CONVERSATION with A. BILLI FREE.

1. 0:00 - Introductions
2. 2:37 - By Way of the Midwest
3. 8:18 - Enter the Southwest
4. 12:33 - Free Roaming
5. 15:24 - A. Billi Free Origins
6. 22:12 - Beat Production
7. 28:00 - Performing Live
8. 35:05 - Holy Body Roll: Creating Music Across States
9. 41:55 - Exchanging Hip Hop & Culture Universally
10. 51:36 - An Interlude Regarding Islands
11. 54:40 - On Choosing What to Consume
12. 57:15 - An Interlude Regarding Natural Habitats
13. 1:00:21 - Songwriting Process
14. 1:01:55 - Keeping Control of Your Music
15. 1:08:51 - Affording to Grow within Music
16. 1:11:50 - Keeping Yourself Organized to Create
17. 1:15:54 - Even More Conversation About Recording Music
18. 1:20:15 - A Foreshadowing of Future Conversation

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