Vanessa Zamora
Season Six
Episode Five
Tuesday, November 22, 2022
About the SESSION

A true milestone. I remember listening to an album that had just released, and it's "radio" began to play afterwards. I can't recall when it played, but "Malas Amistades" began. Such an exciting & refreshing sound I was being introduced to. Immediately, I began diving into the discography. Tornaluna became such an iconic listen within the rotation, with several songs such as "Al Fondo de Mî", "Éspiri", and "Colores" on constant repeat. Time passes and we are presented with singles and features along with an ever-increasing groove that can't be ignored. Enter the Damaleona Era. In the middle of her DAMALEONA TOUR, in our Season 6 finale, Vanessa showcases an unrelenting wave of consciousness and awareness within songwriting. The heavier subject matter pairs hand in hand with the chunky bass lines and smooth sailing drum patterns as she glides through the chords of her session. A strong trio of a group that holds the Midnight stage down! The Emmeff Team is honored to present Midnight Sessions' first international artist... VANESSA ZAMORA.

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Vanessa Zamora (vox/guitar)
Raul Nuñez (bass)
Oliver Bloch (drums)


Recorded Live in "The Nu Garden" in Studio A at Star City Recording Studio + OM Gallery
Shot & Edited by: Paper Plane Productions
Directed by: David Vasquez III
Produced by: Evan Romo
Recording Engineers: Mick Heron & Stan Z
Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn B
Visual Stills by: Gaby A. Velasquez
Production Assistance: Eric Lopez
Episode XXX Partners: Old Sheepdog Brewery, Bloom EPTX
Performance by: Vanessa Zamora
Vanessa Zamora Management: Ellvys Parra
Executive Producer: Emmeff Pearl Creative Studio

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