PIE Sisters
Season Six
Episode Two
Thursday, September 29, 2022
About the SESSION

As I write this description, I am at a loss of words, but then again no I'm not. This episode will make the hair on your arms stand straight up with the soft spoken introductions to each song that slowly and gradually rise to big and grand heights. The balance of melody and harmony between Jez, Joanna, Jasmine & Jessamine is second to none as they weave in and out of the spotlight allowing each other to equally display their gorgeous vocals. The ADLIBS.... my goodness... the sneaky adlibs that are tucked away and present themselves ever so subtly are the attention to detail and composition that we never knew we needed. The four incredibly talented sisters are backed by an additional trifecta of awe-inspiring live instrumentation. The seamless fusion of all these elements results in us being treated to a much larger performance than we may be used to seeing. For Episode XXVII, we are really witnessing a special performance that we are so grateful to add into the Midnight collection. We present to you... PIE.

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10 Hours
You Know They Say
This View
I'm Good


(left to right)
Joanna Casillas (vox)
Jez Hernandez (vox/acoustic guitar)
Jasmine Lasala (vox/acoustic guitar)
Jessamine Lasala (vox)
Mark Fowler (bass)
Hannah Villanueva (drums)
Joshua Lucero (electric guitar)


Recorded Live in "The Nu Garden" in Studio A at Star City Recording Studio + OM Gallery
Shot & Edited by: Paper Plane Productions
Directed by: David Vasquez III
Produced by: Evan Romo
Recording Engineer: Stan Z
Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn B
Visual Stills by: Evan Romo
Production Assistance: Eric Lopez & Mick Heron
Episode XXVI Partners: Old Sheepdog Brewery
Performance by: PIE
Executive Producer: Emmeff Pearl Creative Studio

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