Season Four
Episode Four
Friday, January 29, 2021
About the SESSION

Twenty Twenty One, the follow up to what has arguably been the strangest year of all of our lives. It goes without saying that we've all had a drastic array of obstacles to overcome, but we are all here together in a new year, and in a new chapter. We are back with our friends from Star City Recording Studio and Keg & Brew Craft House for another year of Midnight Sessions. Let us rejoice as we gather around for the utterly hypnotizing performance by Flamél.

Throughout 2020, Flamél made their way through a series of singles that went on to become their November 2020 released record, Kymojasaky. Comprising of beautifully haunting melodies from Daniel and contrastingly vicious licks from Sergio that is effortlessly wrapped together with the groove and flow of Angel, this 15 minute performance is the perfect way to have opened Midnight 2021. Cheers.

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Ciudad Del Sol


Daniel Corpus (vox)
Sergio Hernandez (guitar)
Angel Ramirez (bass/synth)


Recorded Live in Studio C at Star City Recording Studio
Shot & Produced by: Paper Plane Productions
Directed by: Luke Tarantino
Assistant Director: Groovy Kubrick
Recording Engineer: Stan Z Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn B
Production Assistance: Eric Lopez
Stage Assistance: Miguel Garza
Set Design by: Bloom EPTX
Refreshments Provided by: Keg & Brew Craft House
Performance by: Flamél
Executive Producer: Emmeff Pearl Creative Studio

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