Season Six
Episode Four
Thursday, November 3, 2022
About the SESSION

Episode XXIX. The penultimate episode of Chapter 6ix brings us to familiar waters with unfamiliar tides. New layers of sounds lurk within the waves of our 29th episode. Your eyes do not deceive you... that is, in fact, two massive drumsets hiding in the background. The percussion of this episode is vast and endless as Albert and Eric masterfully gift our ears with both strong hits and gentle chimes in a synchronization that is unimaginable. Ed and Leo take turns confusing the listener about where in the world these dreamy and haunting sounds are coming from. Just when you think you have the arrangements figured out, the camera cuts to either one of them, and you are reminded that the sound palette they are capable of providing is not for the faint of heart. Jericho and Hayley both fortify the funk and soul with Jericho's heavy basslines that allow for this otherworldly arrangement to hold steady through the waves of this 23 minute ride while the rhythmic guitar that Hayley provides brings us a comforting stability within such a flexible and unpredictable group of sound. Hayley's vocals sweep us away amongst the currents of this instrumentation just as they did nearly three years ago when they first stepped onto the Midnight stage. This group's evolution through time is one of a kind, and we are excited to meet them again down the line. We present to you... KIKIMORA.

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All Mixed Up
Chase the Wind
Holding on to Nothing
Cosmic Control


Hayley Lynch (vox/rhythm guitar)
Ed Ramos (lead guitar)
Jericho (bass)
Leo Bennato (piano/synths)
Albert Braun (drums)
Eric Boseman (percussion/drums)


Recorded Live in "The Nu Garden" in Studio A at Star City Recording Studio + OM Gallery
Shot & Edited by: Paper Plane Productions
Directed by: David Vasquez III
Produced by: Evan Romo
Recording Engineers: Stan Z & Mick Heron
Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn B
Visual Stills by: Gaby A. Velasquez
Production Assistance: Eric Lopez
Episode XXIX Partners: Old Sheepdog Brewery, Bloom EPTX
Performance by: Kikimora
Executive Producer: Emmeff Pearl Creative Studio

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