Melancholy 10
Season Six
Episode Three
Thursday, October 13, 2022
About the SESSION

One of the bits of magic that our episodes provide is the combination of visuals with audio. Simple enough to say, but being able to see each musician as they contribute a wave of sounds towards a bigger picture helps the viewer understand just how complex some song structure can be. That magic is on full display in Episode XXVIII as we witness layers upon layers of audible spectacle between these 7 artists. Heartbreaking songs that paint the picture of love & loneliness seep into our ears as we are treated into a trip through the mind of Ché. The dance between trombone and guitar, taking turns leading the parade of sound while the pair of synths and bass carefully guide the groove throughout this 20 minute endeavor. These musicians do not traverse on their own, however, as they are joined by the drumming madness that hits into every part of your body. It’s impressive to watch so many sounds come together to become a unit as it does here. A behemoth of an episode. We present to you… MELANCHOLY 10.

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me 2
Where I've Been
Miss Galaxy


Ché Ulibarri (vox/rhythm guitar)
Luis Marquez (lead guitar)
Julian Saucedo (left synth)
Christian Fematt (right synth)
Joshua Hernandez (trombone)
Mathew Palacios (bass)
Bert Villegas (drums)


Recorded Live in "The Nu Garden" in Studio A at Star City Recording Studio + OM Gallery
Shot & Edited by: Paper Plane Productions
Directed by: David Vasquez III
Produced by: Evan Romo
Recording Engineers: Stan Z & Mick Heron
Mixed & Mastered by: Shawn B
Visual Stills by: Gaby A. Velasquez
Production Assistance: Eric Lopez
Episode XXVIII Partners: Old Sheepdog Brewery, Bloom EPTX
Performance by: Melancholy 10
Executive Producer: Emmeff Pearl Creative Studio

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